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Commercial Parking Lot Repair

For commercial parking lots showing signs of cracking, settling, scaling, or spalling, Rex Concrete provides concrete repair and resurfacing solutions extending the useful life of the asset through professional surface maintenance.

  • Crack repair: Epoxy injection seals cracks, while concrete cutting and patching restores wider damage before resurfacing. Prevents further crack propagation, water penetration, and weakening of the surface.

  • Spall and patch repair: Loose damaged pieces of concrete, known as spalls, are cut out and patched with a concrete patching compound designed for repairing spalls and horizontal surfaces. Patches cure to match the existing surface for a seamless finish.

  • Concrete grinding and resurfacing: Deteriorated surfaces are ground down to sound concrete, then a silica fume concrete overlay is applied and finished to restore traction, water resistance, and appearance. Multiple resurfacing applications provide increased thickness at a lower cost than a full replacement.

  • Integral colored concrete: For aesthetic restoration, clear concrete sealer along with coloring admixture are applied to existing ground and patched surfaces, staining them to closely match the original finished color. Style and curb appeal of the parking lot are retained at a fraction of the cost of replacing with new colored concrete.

  • Concrete sealing and protection: Applying high-quality concrete sealers protects against deterioration from exposure to weather, freeze-thaw cycles, deicing chemicals, and fuel or chemical spills. Silane and siloxane sealers penetrate deep into the concrete pore structure for maximized protection. Reapplication maintains protection while patching and repair resolves any damage occurring under the sealers.

  • LED lighting upgrades: When resurfacing or replacing a commercial parking lot, upgrading to LED lighting provides energy efficiency, cost savings, and improved safety and security. LEDs produce a brighter light using less energy than traditional sources.

  • Permeable pavement systems: As an eco-friendly and sustainable solution, permeable pavement allows stormwater to infiltrate pavement instead of sheeting off the surface. Rain is filtered through the pavement into aggregate storage layers below, replenishing groundwater and reducing flooding, erosion, and pollution. Options include porous asphalt, pervious concrete, interlocking concrete pavers, and concrete grid pavers.

  • Crack inducers & stress relievers: In parking lots with a history of extensive cracking, crack inducers, and stress relieving joints help control future cracking by providing predetermined crack patterns and relief points. Steel or polyurethane strips are installed across pavement joints to prevent movement and ensure cracking occurs where expected rather than randomly. Cracks stay tight, preventing high-speed infiltrations.

  • Overlay systems: For structurally sound parking lots with surface wear or deterioration, overlay systems provide a durable, long-lasting surface at a fraction of the cost of full removal and replacement. Milling the existing surface before applying a new overlay provides extra bonding surface area. Multiple courses achieve the thickness of new pavement for increased strength and lifespan.

  • Traffic maneuvers: ADA compliance, channelized and designated traffic flows improve safety, accessibility, and traffic flow and reduce confusion leading to congestion. Paint striping, pavement marking, curbing, and segregated traffic lanes clearly define the path vehicles should follow from ingress to egress points.

  • Demo and full replacement: For severely damaged parking lots no longer suitable for resurfacing or repair, full demolition, and replacement provide a completely new structure with an extended 30-40 year lifespan. Flexible drainage systems, permeable pavement options, overlays, lighting, and any safety features required are incorporated based on parking needs and current trends. Replacement results in the most sustainable solution to provide many more years of safe, functional use.

From crack sealing and patching to complete removal and rebuild, Rex Concrete commercial parking lot services provide durable, long-lasting solutions for business-critical assets at affordable costs. Close collaboration ensures minimal disruption to daily operations while maintaining an attractive, high-functioning parking facility. Parking lots remain compliant, well-lit, safe, and fully operational throughout the repair or rebuild process.