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Rex Concrete pours and finishes high-quality concrete flatwork for commercial properties including garages, basements, patios, walkways, and driveways. We use the proper reinforcing like steel mesh or concrete fibers to maximize durability and prevent future damage due to weathering or high traffic use.

  • FlatWork: Formed edges or exposed aggregate edges for a natural look. Broom,  stained, or polished finishing provides style and ease of maintenance. Drainage slopes eliminate standing water.

  • Commercial Flatwork: Reinforcing fabric, steel bar mats or steel reinforcing provide added strength for heavy equipment and high-volume use. Ramps meet ADA accessibility standards. Edges can be straight-formed, notched notch, or teeth.

  • Polished concrete: Polished concrete is ground and polished smooth, then often buffed to a bright shine. Requires reinforcing fibers for extra durability. The elegant, easy-to maintain finish is used for commercial spaces.

  • Colored concrete: Dye or concrete stain is added to the wet concrete before finishing for an integrated, colored finish. Multiple colorants can provide accent bands, textures, or patterns. Colourfast and resistant to weathering.

  • Stamped and stained concrete: Stamping tools are used to imprint patterns into the wet concrete before staining provides shade and texture. Subtle variations in shade and pattern create natural-looking finishes.

  • High-performance concrete: Specialty concrete including pervious concrete, solar reflective concrete, and green concrete mixes improve sustainability, reduce energy costs and limit environmental impact.

  • Concrete cutting & sawing: For projects requiring the removal of concrete sections, walls, or structures, concrete sawing, and cutting equipment provides precise cutting and a smooth finished edge. Equipment can cut through the thickest reinforced concrete assemblies without cracking or damaging adjacent surfaces.

  • Concrete anchors & inserts: For added security, equipment, infrastructure, or attachments, concrete anchors provide heavy-duty fixed points within a concrete structure. Drop-in anchors for overhead applications or adhesive anchors for horizontal
    surfaces accommodate massive loads in any orientation. Integrated into new flatwork pours or installed into existing concrete, anchors give a permanent fixed solution.

  • Joint reconstruction: Deteriorated expansion joints are removed to the depth of reinforcement before pouring in new joints using saw-cut expansion joints and high compressive strength concrete. Expansion joint materials include extruded polystyrene
    foam, rubber, bituminous, epoxy, and sealant-impregnated fiberboard based on project needs. Properly installed expansion joints allow slabs to expand and contract without damage.

  • Sustainable & specialized concrete: Pervious concrete, solar reflective concrete, colored concrete, stamping and staining provide sustainable, aesthetic, and functional enhancements to flatwork. Pervious concrete aids in stormwater filtration, reflectivity
    reduces the urban heat island effect and color brings visual interest with minimal maintenance. Specialized treatments deliver maximum benefit without high ongoing costs.

  • Ramps & sloping: For accessibility, drainage, or graduating elevation changes, cast-in place concrete ramps provide a permanent sloped surface. Ramps include integral concrete curbs for guidance and support, allowing wheeled traffic and preventing falls. Slopes meet strict ADA guidelines for wheelchair access. Ramps may also include non slip surfaces for high-traffic commercial use.

From driveways to parking decks, runways to walkways, Rex Concrete delivers high-quality Flatwork solutions built to last. New pours, repairs, overlays, sawing, grinding, anchoring and specialized finishes restore function, improve the style and extend the useful life of any concrete surface. Durable, long-lasting, and sustainable solutions complete projects on schedule and within budget.