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New Construction

When it’s time for new industrial or commercial construction, Rex Concrete partners with design teams, architects, and contractors to ensure projects are completed quickly, affordably, and to the highest standards. We provide new concrete foundations, slabs, parking lots, drives, walls and more using custom mixes and reinforcing for added strength.

  • Foundations: Continuous footer foundations and wall footings provide an affordable base supporting the entire structure. Waterproof concrete prevents leaks and higher compressive strengths meet structural requirements.

  • Slabs: Concrete slabs, whether floating slabs, trench foundations, or pump stations, are reinforced for maximum durability and weight tolerance. Fiber reinforcement prevents cracking while improving tensile strength. Slabs meet IBC and ACI standards for
    commercial construction.

  • Parking lots: New parking lots from Rex Concrete use durable concrete capable of withstanding heavy loads and weather exposure. Pervious pavement allows for stormwater filtration and groundwater recharge. Lots include reinforcing mesh, edge
    restraints, and slope for positive drainage.

  • Drives & aprons: Thick, densely reinforced concrete drives and aprons provide an access surface handling large vehicles and equipment. Materials meet ASTM standards for compressive strength and weather resistance.

  • Walls: New foundation walls, retaining walls, and freestanding walls are constructed using the highest quality forms, reinforcing, and waterproof concrete for stability and low maintenance. Geotextiles prevent soil migration behind retaining walls.

  • Precast concrete: For faster construction, we provide precast concrete walls, floor slabs, beams, pipes, vaults, and more. Precast concrete allows for projects to proceed without delays while still ensuring high strength and quality standards are met.

  • Leadership in sustainable & green construction: When possible, we incorporate sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials and practices into new construction including pervious concrete, solar reflective concrete, biodiesel fuel, and LEED-certified concrete mixes.

35 years of experience providing concrete solutions for commercial facilities means Rex Concrete has developed expertise in delivering new construction projects on schedule and within budget using innovative techniques and proven, durable materials. Our partnerships with architects, engineers, and contractors allow us to provide comprehensive services from foundation to finish. Rex Concrete brings true concrete knowledge and experience to every new project.