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Crack Repair

Concrete cracks develop over time due to weathering, shrinkage, settling, and structural damage. At Rex Concrete, we provide affordable crack repair solutions to restore damaged concrete surfaces. We use the least invasive repair method for your specific cracks including:

  • Epoxy injection: For hairline cracks up to 1/8 inch, epoxy resin is injected into cracks to bond concrete back together. Prevents further crack propagation.

  • Latex concrete patch compound: For cracks up to 1/2 inch, we clean cracks, then fill them with a latex concrete patch compound that cures to match the existing surface. Offers flexible, waterproof patching.

  • Concrete cutting and patching: For wider cracks or damaged areas, we cut out fractured concrete and patch it with concrete cutting edges and reinforced patching compound. Patches provide permanent restoration.

  • Overlaying: For widespread surface deterioration, we grind existing surfaces and apply concrete overlays. Multiple layers provide a smooth, seamless surface. Surface colorĀ  can match a natural look.

Crack repair restores the safety, functionality, and appearance of concrete surfaces. Repeated exposure to traffic, weather, and poor material quality often lead to the development of a spider web of cracks, weakening the entire surface. Comprehensive crack repair provides an affordable solution preventing the need for replacement. High-quality patching materials through trained professionals provide long-term, like-new results.