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Concrete Services

Rex Concrete provides high-quality concrete solutions for commercial properties including industrial buildings, warehouses, office parks, retail spaces, and medical facilities. We offer a wide range of industrial-grade concrete services using the latest heavy equipment, reinforcing materials, and techniques to ensure safety, strength, and longevity.


  • Flatwork: We pour and finish concrete floors, slabs, and walkways with reinforcing mesh or fibers for high-volume use. Stamping, staining, polishing, and surface hardeners provide durable, attractive finishes.

  • Parking lots: Reinforced concrete parking lots from Rex Concrete support heavy loads while controlling stormwater runoff. Pervious lots allow for groundwater recharge using a porous pavement system.

  • Drives & aprons: Densely reinforced concrete drives and concrete aprons extend the life of commercial buildings by allowing for turning and maneuvering large vehicles.

  • Foundation walls: Poured-in-place foundation walls provide a solid base requiring minimal maintenance using waterproof concrete and reinforcing steel.

  • Retaining walls: Concrete retaining walls support slopes and property lines for an affordable, low-maintenance solution. Options include keylock, prismatic, and segmental block walls. Geotextiles prevent soil migration for stability.

Rex Concrete prides itself on close collaboration, quality, scheduling, and safety. We develop solutions focused on minimizing disruption, maximizing productivity, and extending the useful life of commercial spaces. Over 35 years of experience have allowed us to develop comprehensive techniques and best practices resulting in concrete projects that remain strong for decades.