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Sidewalk Repair & Replacement

Sidewalks provide access and connectivity between properties, yet weather exposure, tree roots, and heavy use often lead to deterioration and damage over time. At Rex Concrete, we offer comprehensive sidewalk repair, resurfacing, and replacement services using high-quality materials and skilled trade expertise.

  • Sidewalk repair: For minor scaling, spalling, or cracking, patching compounds restore the surface. Epoxy injection bonds crack together. Broom finished for a natural concrete look. Prevents water penetration and further deterioration.

  • Sidewalk resurfacing: Concrete overlays provide a smooth, seamless finished surface for deteriorated sidewalks. Multiple layers provide thickness at a lower cost than a full replacement. We can also stain or color-match the existing surface.

  • Sidewalk replacement: Complete replacement includes removal of existing sidewalk, preparation of the base, and pouring of new 4-inch thick concrete sidewalk with reinforcing mesh for strength. New sidewalks include integral curbing, scoring patterns,
    and edge restraints for safety and style. ADA-compliant for accessibility.

  • Specialty sidewalks: Colored, stamped, stained, patterned or textured concrete provides style with minimal maintenance. Permeable sidewalk allows stormwater filtration and recharge. Solar reflective mixes lower the heat island effect.

Rex Concrete sidewalk services improve safety, accessibility, value, and curb appeal while preventing the need for a costly full replacement. Proper determination of repair vs replacement provides maximum benefit. Professional installation with correct materials and techniques ensures sidewalks meet all standards while providing many more years of use. Affordable solutions preserve community connectivity and investment.