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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls provide support along slopes, property lines, or shorelines by resisting lateral pressure from soils. Rex Concrete constructs high-quality retaining walls using the latest materials and techniques to ensure stability, safety, and an attractive finished product with minimal maintenance.

  • Poured-in-place concrete retaining walls: Poured using steel reinforcing and waterproof concrete mix. Walls can be textured or stained for style. Provides maximum flexibility to contour walls.

  • Precast concrete modular retaining walls: Precast units interlock for strength and stability. Lightweight, easy to install, and resistant to weather, frost, and damage. Can achieve taller heights than poured-in-place.

  • Segmental retaining wall blocks: Dry-stacked blocks create flexible, sculpted walls. Water cannot penetrate blocks, preventing freeze-thaw damage and vegetation growth. Permeable options are available for drainage.

  • Geotextiles: Non-woven geotextiles are wrapped behind retaining walls to prevent soil migration through wall joints while still allowing for drainage and airflow. Prevents wall from leaning or toppling due to soil loss.

  • Reinforcement: Helical anchor tiebacks and geogrid reinforcement provide tensile strength for higher walls or soft soil conditions. Prevents wall from overturning or sliding downslope.

We design retaining walls to meet safety factors and prevent damage to properties, infrastructure, or the environment. Proper drainage and wall/soil interfaces prevent water damage and undercutting. The result is an attractive, low-maintenance retaining wall solution that increases privacy, adds usable space, and protects against soil erosion and loss.