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New Patio Replacement

Nothing transforms a backyard like a brand-new patio. At Rex Concrete, we specialize in patios, walkways, slabs, and other outdoor structures. We remove your old patio completely using equipment designed to minimize damage before preparing the base with compacted gravel for proper airflow, drainage, and frost protection.

A steel reinforcing mesh creates strength and longevity in high-use areas. Waterproof concrete mixes prevent moisture damage and staining. Surface options include broom finish, stamping, staining, or multiple layers of colorants and sealers for an attractive, low-maintenance patina.

Patios are constructed using forms to create edges that can be left exposed or covered for a cohesive look. Sculpted edges follow the contours of your yard for a seamless transition between spaces. Drainage slopes direct water away from foundations and into the surrounding soil.

When complete, a new patio provides a spacious extension of living space at an affordable price with minimal future repairs required. Rex Concrete patio solutions add comfort, style, and value to any property.