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Concrete Repair

When commercial concrete infrastructure deteriorates from high-traffic use, weather, or structural settling, concrete repair helps extend the lifespan economically. At Rex Concrete, we repair concrete mid-slab cracking, joint issues, scaling, and spalling using the least invasive method for your needs.

  • Epoxy injection: For small cracks, epoxy resin fills cracks to re-establish bonds. Useful for cracks up to 1/8 inch.

  • Concrete cutting and patching: For larger repairs, we cut out damaged concrete, apply a concrete bonding agent and pour in a patching compound that cures to match the existing surface.

  • Overlaying: For widespread surface deterioration, we mill the existing surface and pour on concrete overlays, allowing for staining or stamping to match. Multiple layers can provide a smooth, uniform surface.

  • Joint reconstruction: We remove failing expansion joints and pour in new joints using saw-cut joints and high-compressive strength concrete. Joints follow ASTM standards and screed board control for even construction.