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Masonry Services

In addition to concrete, Rex Concrete provides masonry services including brick, natural stone, and manufactured stone veneers for walls, fences, and free-standing structures. We install premium masonry materials using proper techniques for strength, safety, style, and longevity.

  • Brick veneers: Installed over concrete walls for privacy and style. Veneers provide an attractive thermal mass reducing energy usage. Porotherm clay bricks are included for high performance. Installed using recoated mortar for water resistance.

  • Natural stone veneers: Granite, slate, travertine, limestone, and sandstone veneers enhance curb appeal and rise in value over time. Stone veneers are installed using high strength mortar specifically for stone applications to prevent cracking or shifting. Sealed for protection against staining and winter weather.

  • Manufactured stone veneers: Materials like cultured stone, brick face, and ledge stone provide realistic stone finishes at a lower cost than natural stone. Manufactured stone is lightweight, easy to install, and resistant to weathering, staining, and damage. Available in a variety of styles and shades to complement any home decor.

  • Fireplaces and chimneys: We rebuild fireplaces, chimneys, hearths, and chimney caps using high-temperature mortar, refractory mortar, and metal flashing for safety in preventing structure fires. Rebuild provides like-new construction at a fraction of the cost.

  • Pointing and tuckpointing: For masonry walls showing signs of deterioration, tuckpointing removes loose or fractured mortar and replaces it with waterproof mortar for a like-new finish. Repointing provides restoration of weathered mortar that protects the stone.

  • Foundation waterproofing: Coatings, waterproofing sealers, and concrete water repellents create a hydrophobic barrier preventing water absorption and deterioration of foundations, basements, retaining walls, and walkways. Prevents leaks resulting in costly damage repairs.